Reflection as I finish my time at CCBC…

It is shocking to think that I will be graduating tomorrow after being at CCBC for two years in the business administration program. Time surely does fly, and leaving CCBC to go onto my next school will certainly be a bittersweet transition. I am going to be transferring to IUP in the fall to major in Marketing and minor in Spanish. I hope to obtain my Master’s Degree and then possibly continuing on to pursue my Doctorate. Looking back, I will forever be grateful for the opportunities, connections, and experiences that I have had here at CCBC.

When I first decided to come to community college, I was unsure about what to expect. There are always people who will tell you that the quality of education at a community college level is not equivalent to that of the education at a four year institution. This, my friends, is completely false. I feel that the education I have received here has prepared me extremely well to be successful at IUP. There is no doubt in my mind that CCBC was a great place to start my education. I have had great teachers who have always been extremely helpful and kind. I have made friends that I am confident I will have for a lifetime.

Also, there are so many opportunities for scholarships, volunteer work, and internships through CCBC. It is just vital to make sure to keep informed on everything that is happening on campus so you never miss out on anything.

No matter where life takes me, I will always be proud to call myself a graduate from the Community College of Beaver County. I hope that after your time as CCBC students, you can say the same for yourselves.

-Liana, student blogger

The End of an Era

After completing my finals for this semester, and finishing my last few volunteer hours, my time as a student ambassador for CCBC is coming to end. I have to say, I am a bit sad to no longer be a part of this amazing group of people. I have spent the last two years having all of these fantastic opportunities to better myself and the world around me.

My time as a student ambassador has made my first two years of college such an fun experience. I met a ton of new people, got to help with a wide range of activities like the Veteran’s Breakfast and New Student Orientation, and become a well rounded college student. This has helped me become more of a responsible student and person.

My future advice for the incoming freshmen and new student ambassadors is to not take it for granted. This is such an amazing program that CCBC offers some of its students and you have to take advantage of it. You should try and help with every opportunity that is given to you because it is not just a chance to get your volunteer hours but also a chance to help out the community, learn new skills, and meet your fellow CCBC classmates.

I do want to thank the student ambassador coordinator, Sandy May, for all that she has done for me. She has made this experience so worthwhile and I’m so appreciative. If you ever need a thing, she will always go out of her way to help you out.

-Samantha, student blogger


During your senior year of high school, you probably heard the term “senioritis”. It is a term used for the seniors that get this condition; the condition that makes you almost give up in the sense. You don’t want to do any more homework, study, or even go to school because you know the end near.

I personally got this condition in high school and I am convinced that I kept the condition going into college as well. Everyday that I have class it is a constant battle of making myself actually go. I wake up and think to myself, “will this class really matter?” “will that paper really make a change on my grade?”or “maybe they will accept it late?” The battle usually ends with me getting up and doing my work, but it is only getting worse as the semester is coming to an end.

So, I am here to remind you, and myself, that you have to keep going on. No matter how badly you want to give up and forget about your work, you have to keep studying because FINALS are just around the corner.

You may think to yourself that these last few weeks won’t affect your grade “that much,” but if you get a bad grade on only one test, it can change the result of your entire grade. Nobody wants this, so keep on pushing through the next few weeks because it may drag on, but you will definitely regret it if you give up now.

End the semester stronger than you started it; make your time count!

-Jacqueline, student blogger

Fun things to do around our area

Ever find yourself sitting at home bored and trying to come up with something to do with your friends on the weekends? I know I have done this several times in the past. Luckily, I now know of fun things to do around here when I have some time off from homework, class, and work. Believe it or not, there are actually plenty of things to do around here that are fun and don’t cost that much money.

My friends and I will all plan to go to Pirates’ games once the weather gets nice. Tickets normally aren’t too expensive to the games. If you carpool and split money for gas/parking, you’ll find yourself having an affordable and fun night out! Although, you might just want to eat at home- stadium food is super pricy. Another thing you can do in the city is go hangout at the Pointe fountain and grab a bite to eat. Sometimes, there are even festivals and events going on there. Once in the city, you might want to sightsee a little. The best view is from Mount Washington (you can drive there or use the incline) which overlooks the whole city with its breathtaking view.

If you don’t want to drive all the way to Pittsburgh, you can have a fun day hiking trails at Hopewell Community Park or Brady’s Run Park. There are tennis courts and other facilities at Brady’s Run that are open to the public free of charge (indoor tennis courts have to be rented; outdoor courts are free). In Beaver Falls, there is a beautiful waterfall that you can hike to called “Buttermilk Falls.” If you haven’t done this yet, you definitely should!

Another thing you and your friends could do is go ice skating at the Airport Ice Arena or at Neville Island. There also are plenty of great ice cream places around here such as Hanks, Bruster’s, and the Windmill that are wonderful on hot summer nights.

Try to keep informed on the events that are going on in your community; there are always car cruises, festivals, and other fun events going on now that the weather is getting warmer!

 – Liana, student blogger

Box Breathing

Aside from the actual difficulty of completing homework and studying one of the most challenging things a student can face is stress. Stress eats away at us and ultimately leaves us anxious, distraught, and in no shape to work properly. It takes on a lot of different forms for many people. Some react to stressors mildly while others (like me) may react in more noticeable ways like hyperventilation. Regardless of its level of severity, we all feel the effects stressors from time to time, so I thought maybe I could share a method I find very useful for keeping my anxiety under control. It’s called box breathing.

Box breathing is a meditative  breathing pattern used by some therapists to help aid patients with anxiety issues.When under stress the body often experiences a flood of adrenaline into its system. As a result your breathing becomes harsh and shallow which makes it difficult to function normally. Box breathing attempts to minimize this reaction by combining deep breathing with a simple four count.

The actual technique goes as follows, picture square and move along the sides of it inhaling and exhaling for counts of four; one breath on each side.

I’ll attach a diagram below.

Hope some of you find this helpful.

-Jordan Winston


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