High School and College—How Do They Differ?

So far college and high school have their similarities and their differences. Although, most the changes are not too pronounced, they are still there.
More freedom? Count me in. Whenever I was in high school, we were not allowed to leave the premises for any reason at all during the day, but in college, you essentially can come and go as you please. Any time during the day, the library is open, you can meet with teachers, get help with classes in the tutoring center, leave class early if need be, and things the like, rather than how high school was set up, having to have a note/pass to do anything. But alas, with freedom comes great responsibility.

Ever wonder how one’s responsibility changes once in college? Well, while in high school there was always usually somebody there to say what can and can’t be done in means of homework, attire, leaving school, missing classes, and etc., but with college there’s much more leniency. There is no one to tell you what has to be done other than oneself. All the responsibility is taken on without somebody holding his or her hand along the way. If you don’t want to go to class, don’t. If you feel that you don’t need to do the homework, there’s no need to. Although, like high school, missing class can be detrimental and not doing an assignment can still impact the classes’ grades, but unlike high school, you’re paying for the classes you’re taking (unless you happened to go to a private school), so you’d probably want to try a lot harder and aim for success. Nobody would want to pay for the same class over and over if he or she kept failing.

There are also other aspects of responsibility that I face like balancing a job with a greater work load, trying to cover the costs that are adjunct with college, and just being an “adult” in general. It all really depends on what you personally feel that has to be done and has to be maintained in order to balance everything– everyone’s responsibilities will be different.
Also, other than just freedom and responsibility, there are also other chances like the amount of people who are actually going to the school, because I know that from my small high school of probably about 700 kids total, CCBC has many, many more, almost 2,000 more students, which is a big difference. But one would think that with more students in the school means less attention from teachers, that’s actually not the case. So, like high school, all of my teachers at the moment in time are willing to get to know their students and try to give them one-on-one time if needed, which is a great aspect to have that has not changed from being in high school than in college. I’m sure every student wants a teacher to get to know them and how he or she works and if he or she needs help on any given subject.

To conclude, high school and college both have their differences, but that is to be expected. College is a gateway to greater learning and new challenges and greater responsibility, for those people who are willing to work towards their future success no matter what they’re faced with along the way.

Kaylynn, student blogger


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