Learning As I Go

I’m currently in my second semester here at CCBC and let me just say that it is completely different from my first!  I learned many lessons my first semester and they have helped me in huge ways for this second semester.  First semester was a learning process and was rough, but I’m glad that I went through it so that I could make my second semester better.

The number one thing I learned is how to do my schedule.  Last semester, I had back-to-back classes from 8 a.m. to 3:50 p.m., Monday and Wednesday.  I had ten minutes between each class and not much time for any breaks.  I thought I would be fine, but I needed breaks.  This semester, I made my days shorter and on longs days, I made sure I had a break.  Going all day to class and having no break to just regroup and relax is tough and was not for me.  So, when you schedule classes, make sure you give yourself time to breathe between classes.  Even when I went home, I was focusing on school constantly. Time for just you is necessary. Take some time and do something fun or relaxing!

Another lesson I learned is it is okay to ask questions.  I have always been afraid to ask questions. Even in high school, I never asked questions. After last semester, I learned to ask questions.  If something was unclear, I would just try to figure it out myself and I usually ended up wrong. I learned professors are there to help us and they don’t mind if you have a question to ask.  They will help!

I am still learning even as this second semester goes on.  This semester will only help me with next semester. School is one huge learning process.  I will never stop learning!

Audree, student blogger


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