Job Fair Tips – What to ask and what to do next

CCBC’s Job and Career Fair is next week! We’re following up with last week’s blog post to give you a few more last-minute job fair tips plus a few tips on what to do after the job fair. We’re expecting a record number of employers at this year’s Job and Career Fair. Don’t miss your chance to find a job or a new career! Below are tips on how to get employers to notice you before and after the fair.


What questions should attendees ask employers?

You’ll want to stand out from the crowd so make sure you ask informed questions. Ask questions that allow for conversation with the employer instead of ones with “yes” or “no” answers.


Below are some examples:

  • What is the hiring and interviewing process?
  • What entry-level positions in (mention your career interest) are available in your company, and what kinds of people do you hire to fill them?
  • What duties are required for the position?
  • What skills, work experience or educational background do you look for when you recruit for these jobs?
  • What challenges and opportunities are associated with the position?
  • Does your company have formal training programs, or do employees receive on-the-job training?
  • What is the typical career path in this area of specialization?
  • How do you see the jobs in this field changing over the next five years?
  • What are the backgrounds of other employees in your company or department?



What information should attendees obtain from employers or give to employers?

When they are at the employer’s table at the fair, at some point in the conversation, they need to ask for a business card, ask the recruiter if they want a copy of their resume, and ask if it is appropriate for them to follow-up, or if the recruiter will contact them.


 Are there any job fair don’ts?

Don’t plan to go around to employers with a group of friends. Make sure you talk to the specific employers of interest to you and do this on your own. Also, don’t go around to each table just for freebies. Take full advantage of the opportunity to network with the company representatives at the fair.


What should attendees do after the job fair?

While at the fair, through conversations you had the day of the fair, you should know whether or not you should send a follow-up letter to the companies you are interested in.  If the recruiter says they will contact you, it is not appropriate for you to do any kind of follow-up, even if they don’t hear anything from the company for multiple weeks.  You should also continue your job search and expand to different companies who might not have attended the fair. You’ll also want to practice your interviewing skills. You can do so by making an appointment with our Career Services staff for a mock interview.


Are you ready for CCBC’s Job and Career Fair? Don’t forget to research the companies that interest you and prepare your questions for recruiters! After the job fair, you can make an appointment for a mock interview with a member of our Career Services staff.

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