College Final Exam Preparation

There are some things that are, in fact, worse than just a taking a simple exam, those being final exams. The exams that account for a decent percentage of your final grade and can be a direct determinate of you passing or failing, you know—those exams.

You figure you have the whole semester to anticipate the dreaded final. From what I’ve learned, the professor will inform the class far in advance what the topics being covered on the test will consist of (most have the material within the syllabus), which gives plenty of time to prepare, if needed. The exams vary. Some are comprehensive exams from all the topics being covered, and others are just the final chapter/section that was taught.

From the five classes I took last semester, two were comprehensive (one being a test— the other a project), the remaining three were just on the last chapter covered. Being exposed to those, I can say the comprehensive exams are more of a challenge since the material covered is from the beginning of the semester to the end. But that does not mean the other exams won’t be deemed a little more challenging than just the regular tests. Unlike high school, a one night cramming session can’t be done to prepare for these exams unless you want to do poorly.

Personally, I took tests in both places of education that could easily be comparable in both length and amount of material covered. Although, since college is not something that is free, unlike public education, more effort and study time should be used to ensure a passing grade will be achieved. I probably spent approximately 4-5 hours preparing for each exam, and for the project, that was a longer ordeal since there was no study time, it was just a matter of completing the project over the course of the week of finals. Now, in high school, studying for final exams was a lot less time-consuming for me.

In conclusion, to prepare for college final exams, just allow for more study time and focus harder on the topics being covered and understand how the questions and information will be presented on the exam. It’s not just that the exams are more difficult than those taken in high school, you should also be more caring about your final grade received on the exam and how it will affect your average.


– Kaylynn, Student Blogger

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