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Internship Provides Learning Outside the Classroom

The first 2 weeks of my internship went by quickly. I was busy with different varieties and amounts of work each day. It’s definitely different being in a professional setting than in a classroom. I like that I was included in meetings, so I could see how event planning and campaign planning is worked out.

During the third and final week of my internship, I volunteered to help at the 13th Annual CCBC Foundation Golf Outing. During the week of the outing, I was busy preparing the final touches for the golf outing. I helped out with making the goodie-bags. Each bag had golf-tees, a hat clip, a program and other supplies. After the bags were completed we secured them onto golf umbrellas. I also helped organize the gift baskets for the auctions. We were nervous for rain on the day of the event, but luckily it held off. My original assignment that morning was to sell skins to the golfers, but I got switched to keep track of the Chinese auction. Next, I was asked to help make more bags and attach them onto the leftover umbrellas to make sure each golfer received one. The morning was busy, but once the golfers left to get started, it slowed down. My next task was to accompany another coworker on the beverage cart and ask the golfers if they needed any beverages while they were playing. For the rest of the day, I answered any questions I was asked, and helped clean up at the end of the day.

I liked that I actually got to be involved with the event. It showed me what all goes into the background of event planning. I was used to creating an event in a campaign I made in class, but actually being involved with carrying one out and learning the dynamics was beneficial to me. In some classes, I created small events with groups, but being a part of an organization that has an annual event will be valuable to me in the future.

One of my favorite tasks was to write posts for CCBC’s blog. I felt like I was able to relate to current and future students, and help them feel comfortable with their decisions. Overall, all the work I was assigned helped me to improve my skills. I now feel more comfortable being in a professional setting and understanding the dynamics of working in this career field.

My internship is for credits at SRU, so I have an online course I am also completing. It consists of discussion questions, readings, a journal and final paper. It’s mainly about my personal internship experiences and general readings assigned by my instructor. In my journal, I keep track of my day-to-day assignments and write any questions/concerns and my accomplishments for the day. I’ll still be completing the class until the end of June.  All of my classwork made me feel comfortable with my internship. Anytime I had a question or needed guidance, I asked for help and everyone was very helpful. I asked a lot of questions just because it was a different setting, and I’m still learning. I appreciate all the feedback that everyone gives me.

Overall, it was interesting to learn how the marketing and public relations department works in an education setting. I completed a lot of work to add to my professional portfolio and to add to my resume. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to be an intern for CCBC and complete this internship before entering the professional world.


–  KatiCCBC Marketing and Public Relations Intern

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