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Staying Organized

Staying organized can be a difficult task to do all year round but, when you throw in the stress of upcoming finals and holidays, being organized can seem to be impossible! But, there is one thing that you can do to make your life a whole lot easier.

The main component that you need to stay organized is a planner. Throughout my time in high school and CCBC, I have always kept a planner to make sure that I do not miss anything. Could you imagine not turning in a paper for a class just because you did not write it down? I know I would be extremely upset with myself if I did that!  You do not need to buy a twenty-dollar planner; all you need is a calendar for the month that has enough space for you to write everything down. Instead of having a bulky planner, you could go onto Microsoft Office Publisher and customize your very own calendar for each month. It would be small enough to carry it in your pocket!

After buying or making your planner, the key is to USE IT! It will be no use to you if you don’t use it. When you are sitting in class and your teacher tells you a due date, write it in your planner. In fact, do that with all of the things you need to remember. If you put all of the information such as exam days, holiday parties, class registration and even the last day of semester into your planner, it will be easier to find what you need since it is all in one accessible place. That is what organization is all about. I understand using a planner will not instantly organize your whole life, but if you stick to it and faithfully use it everything will fall into place.  Trust me!

Abby, student blogger

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