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All Up To You

I never quite realized just how similar college is to high school. Your high school teachers try to scare you into thinking that it is a HUGE transition and you will never have time to do anything. But honestly, it is almost the same thing, just at a different campus.

You still go to class and you still have homework. You still have to worry about where to sit on the first day and who you are going to hang out with. But my favorite thing is… it is YOUR choice to be here. And for some reason, it makes it so much more bearable (and dare I say, fun) than high school. There is no longer a desire to stay home like when you are being forced to go to high school. At college, it is your decision to register and you can make the most of it!

The main difference between college and high school is that it is all on YOU. While the faculty and staff care about the students, they are not going to hunt you down and force you to turn in work or to study. YOU have to make the decision that you want to succeed. What you do with your time here at CCBC is completely up to you. The opportunities are here if you just reach out and grab them. So make a choice.

Are you going to take everything CCBC has to offer to make your goals and dreams come true to live the life you want for yourself?

Samantha, student blogger

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