Balancing Work and School

College and high school have their similarities and differences. Balancing different workloads? That part definitely remained the same. I attend classes Monday through Thursday from about 8:00 a.m. to 12:35 p.m. From there, I typically head straight to work. There are days though, when I’d rather be any place but at work. I’ll admit it gets stressful. How do you even try to balance the ratio of how many hours you spend in class to reflect how many hours you spend studying? Furthermore, how do you add all of that studying in between working a part-time or even full-time job? At times, I honestly feel like it’s practically impossible to balance both.

What I’ve found to be beneficial is finding a job with flexible hours. Sometimes, that isn’t always possible, in which case, you can schedule your classes freely around your work schedule. For myself, it works out better to work around my school schedule. Though it can get tiring, and most definitely can get stressful, making my own schedule really gives me the motivation to push through it all. If you find yourself pressed for time, maybe next semester, switch your class schedule a little bit—open up times that you would need to further practice or study anything you learn in class. If not that, adjust your work hours. Of course, always leave time for studying of some sort. Don’t stress yourself out when it isn’t really necessary. Balance your time, consider your schedule, and form a new one that fits best for you if necessary. I’ve just learned to do the same thing, and it’s definitely made an improvement for me.

Austin, student blogger

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