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Don’t be Afraid to Try New Things

As a part of being a recipient of the Presidential Scholarship, I’m required to complete a certain amount of hours volunteering at different events around the school.  I normally stick to the ones that I know for a fact I’d be interested in, so when I heard about the Annual American Indian Gathering that was to take place in the Dome, I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect.

When I arrived, I was taken to the far end of the Dome where they had a food line set up.  We were selling anything from pizza, to ham barbecue, to fry bread, to blanket dogs.  At first, it was a little bit overwhelming.  Luckily though, I had experience with the business because my dad owns his own food trailer.  The group of people who I helped were so kind, and they welcomed me with open arms!  They were patient with me when I was still catching on to the flow of the work that they were doing, and when I got it down, they even showed me how to make the blanket dogs and fry bread.  Blanket dogs are just hot dogs wrapped tightly in dough and deep-fried.  Fry bread is a special type of bread dough that you flatten into a circular form and poke a tiny hole in the center of it.  Fry bread reminds me of funnel cakes, but in my opinion, it was slightly better.

Not only was it a good experience getting to know the lovely people who I had the chance to work with, who had been coming for years, but it was great being there in general.  A lot of the vendors that had tables set up were selling neat, handmade items.  Periodically, they had dances going on in the middle of the Dome.  Overall, it was a great, new experience, and it made me realize that even if you aren’t sure about attending something or volunteering at something, go for it anyways!  It could turn out to be something, though new, that you’d end up really enjoying!


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