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A Learning Experience

As we come across finals week, I can officially say that I understand the differences between college and high school. As everyone knows, much longer breaks, which I’m sure bring that sense of relief to some, but it goes past that. Those tests that you could just blow off studying for in high school? I’ve definitely come to realize that it’s practically impossible to do in college. Through balancing all of life’s priorities, I’ve come to realize just how important it is to take time for school, complete homework, and most importantly—study for that test that you’re dreading. It’s difficult to get the motivation to keep going, and strive for better grades, but I’m sure we’ll all get to see how that plays out after we graduate college.

I have made it through the first semester of college, and I am definitely ready for my break. Afterward though, I know I’ll be looking forward to next semester with more new classes, new subjects. Growing up through elementary, middle, and high school, most of us have been stuck in one place for long. Though some of the classes are a pain to find motivation for, or aren’t the most interesting things to learn about, it’s definitely going to be nice having a sense of variety. New professors, new classes, and I’m sure, new opportunities! Good luck to everyone during finals week, and good luck next semester, whether you’re still here at CCBC, or transferring somewhere new. Enjoy your break, too. We deserve it!

Austin, student blogger 

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