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Find Your Passion

Throughout high school, I struggled with finding something that I loved. No, I’m absolutely not referring to having a boyfriend or girlfriend. That’s just purely up to you. What I am referring to is finding a major that you love—taking classes that you love and spending your time in enjoyment rather than just another class you have to take to get the diploma for the major you want. Let’s face it: College isn’t always the most enjoyable thing in the world. This is where finding a major that you love is important. I was on the fence for a little bit, and came into my freshman year of college just taking general studies. Let me tell you, it wasn’t the most exciting thing in the world for me.

On the other hand, I have friends who are majoring in certain careers just because they think they’ll make a ton of money off of it. Yeah, money is nice to have, don’t get me wrong. Think about it though. Do you really want to spend the rest of your life miserable just so you can make money? I don’t. People call me crazy, yes, but I’m one of those people who just doesn’t care. The major I plan to transfer into isn’t going to get me a ton of money, and I’ll have to move away from home to even possibly succeed in any way. You know what though? I’m okay with that. I don’t care how rich I am. As long as I’m happy, the rest will eventually fall into place. I challenge you to find something that makes you happy. Maybe it isn’t choosing a major; maybe it’s just finding a hobby. Don’t make yourself miserable due to the pressure of others around you. Find something that makes you happy, and enjoy it.

Austin, student blogger

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