Are Online Classes Right For You?

I debated between taking all classes on campus, or trying some online classes this semester.  With my daily commute being anywhere from a half an hour to 45 minute drive, I didn’t want to drive out to CCBC everyday, Monday through Thursday, and I also didn’t want to just be at the school for hours at a time to maintain my full-time student status.  I opted to take half of my classes online this semester just to see if I would like it, and if they would work better with my schedule.

I work full time, and am also a full time student, so balancing school and work is difficult for me anyways. It was hard to adjust to, at first, taking two classes online and balancing my other two classes and the rest of my life in general, but I’ quickly adapted. Both of my professors for my online classes only require either a chapter to be worked through in the text per week, or an assignment every Thursday, and test every Tuesday.

I will be honest though, while the classes I happen to be taking online are easy to bear considering the work load, they do still take motivation. More than once this semester, I’ve found myself cramming to finish school work before the time limit was up, or just squeezing time into my daily routine to get the work done. If you have a lot of time and consideration and are possibly tired of making the daily commute back and forth to school, I would definitely suggest online classes. It’s all up to your own personal preferences, though, and what really works best for you.

– Austin, student blogger

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