Transfer Fair

Last week, I helped run the transfer fair held in the LRC. There were a lot of colleges there, and I think it was a really great opportunity for students. I’d gladly help with it again. But, I saw some problems with how it was being used.

I know there are a few teachers who give extra credit to their students if they show proof that they attended the transfer fair. I think that’s a great idea – it gives you a chance to get to the fair if your classes don’t give you much time, plus it benefits your current grades. However, I don’t think it’s a good idea if you have no intention of even attempting to find out anything about any colleges. I saw a couple students sign in, grab a flyer, wander around for a moment, and then leave, happy to get their bonus points, and laughing because, “I really fooled my teacher.”

My question is this: How did that benefit you? Your teacher isn’t going to be personally offended that you didn’t actually “go” to the fair. They were being nice and giving you an opportunity, and you were abusing it.

With that being said, I would have to say about 95% of the students that went through the fair were there for the right reasons. I saw lots of people who were happy that they were able to ask questions and have them answered on the spot. People were happy that they could enter the raffle to win a t-shirt or other prize, and it was nice getting to see more of the student body and interact with them.

It can’t hurt you to find out more about different colleges, because you never know if that one you really want to go to is going to work out or not. It doesn’t hurt to be polite and gather information. You may find something that is closer to home, more affordable, or that has more to offer you. If you choose to make a mockery of people trying to help you, you are the only one who loses out.

– Rachael, student blogger

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