Staying Ahead of the Deadline

We’ve all been there. The night before class, you look on Blackboard and realize: “Oh no, I have an essay due tomorrow!” or “I totally forgot to read this chapter for Anatomy that we may have a pop quiz on” or my immediate heart attacker, “the huge test that we had three weeks to study for is TOMORROW?!”

Let’s be honest, we all like to procrastinate. We all have jobs, families, and other obligations that are vying for our time as well as our classwork. But we have to find a balance, because CCBC is just as important for our future. So, I have done some research and found some great tips on how to fight procrastination and become a better (and less stressed) student.

1. Find a space. I’m a creature of habit. I love doing homework in bed or on the couch because I love to be comfortable. But these places distract me from the work I’m doing because I am able to watch TV or maybe squeeze in a quick nap between assignments. Fight the urge by finding a specific place to do your classwork like a desk or kitchen table. No distractions and you are mentally prepared to work when you sit down.

2. To-Do List. Make a list of all things you want to get done today. It limits the amount of things you can forget and also gives you the satisfaction of crossing things off.

3. Get Help. I don’t know about you but I work better when I have a push to get something finished. If that’s the case, have a family member or friend motivate you to finish your work.

I realize that some of these tips may not help everyone but if they could work for you, TRY THEM. You won’t be disappointed.

(These tips and more can be found here.)

– Samantha, student blogger

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