The Big Finale

This is it… The final countdown. We’re almost there, ladies and gentlemen. It’s almost time for summer. For going to the drive-in, swimming, having bonfires, sleeping in, and taking a mental break from the college experience. I don’t know about all of you but I am so unbelievably ready for summer, it’s crazy. I’m ready to not have to constantly worry about how I’m going to find time to do everything that I need to do while going to college full time, having a full-time job, and still maintaining some sort of social life. I’m ready to feel the relief of leaving campus the last day of classes and realizing that I did it. I survived my freshmen year of college. I’m ready to no longer have an 8 a.m class every Monday and Wednesday. But before I do any of these wonderful things, I have to get through one final obstacle… Finals Week *Duh Duh Duhmmm*
It’s a frustrating week. It’s a scary week. It’s a stressful week. This is it. This is what your entire semester boils down to and that is frightening to me. But as I sit here thinking about what’s waiting on the other side of this week, I’m filled with confidence in myself and the other students here at CCBC. We are all here for one reason, to make ourselves better. We have everything we need to sail through this week with ease so believe in yourself, fellow student, and know that I believe in you as well.
Samantha, student blogger
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