Monthly Archives: August 2015

It’s Time to Begin (again).

Hello all. I hope you had wonderful summers filled with adventures and good times. I personally had the best summer of my life. I had a fun filled family vacation to the Outer Banks, visited family in Italy (OMG), and went to Ocean City with my boyfriend-turned-fiance. : ) This summer was filled with happiness and it rejuvenated me after my first year at college. Unfortunately, everything wonderful must come to an end, and the summer of 2015 is now over… School has begun and it is time to buckle down and work toward our goals.

For some of you, this is the start. The beginning of pursuing your dreams and goals. There will be plenty of good times but also distractions this year. Keep focused and you will be unstoppable.

For others, this is the final countdown. Your last year here before graduation. Make it count. Study, work hard, and I promise you the reward will be well worth it.

And for the nursing students like me, we are just starting the program and I’m a bit overwhelmed. But also unbelievably excited. I cannot wait to learn and grow with all of you. This is our time, we just have to take advantage of all the resources and opportunities presented to us.

As a sophomore student here at CCBC, I’m ready to take on the world… one class at a time. Just know that we are all in this together. We are working towards a common goal: to get an education to better ourselves. Good luck and I hope to see you all around campus.

Samantha, student blogger