Monthly Archives: September 2015

It’s That Time of the Year!

Yes, this will be my second year at CCBC. Yes, I was nervous for my first day. This year I am finally beginning my nursing career. I have been so nervous for the past couple of days. So far, it has not been too stressful. I do feel a little bit overwhelmed, but I am going to overcome the minor stress I have right now. Yes, orientation was helpful, but I received multiple packets for the nursing program that I will need to obtain throughout the 2 year program. So, I found that I will need more folders and binders to help keep me organized. I have accepted a challenge and I am ready to complete it.

My goal for this year is to stay positive, and to not worry. I have found that I think I will do best with a separate binder for lecture and one for lab. I have separated and made a folder for all the papers that need to be filled out and turned in. I bought a planner so that I can keep important dates handy. I also use my planner to write to do lists so that I do not get behind and forget to complete all my assignments. I found a safe place to write and keep all my user names and passwords for all of my online programs that we use in nursing. I feel that I have prepared my self well, and I am so excited to finally begin my nursing classes. I plan to stay organized throughout the program and I am ready to give it my all! Everybody needs to accept the challenge and make this year the best they can!

-Emily, student blogger