Good Study Habits for Success!

Everyone has different study habits, but have you found one yet that truly works for you? From experience, I can say that it took me awhile to find out which one was truly successful for me. Finding this out as soon as you can when entering college is extremely important- you will have to study for multiple subjects at one time and make sure that you are balancing each subject accordingly. For example, when I had a sociology test and a biology test in the same week, I made sure to set up more time to study for biology since that is my hardest subject. Sociology, on the other hand, I did not need to study as arduously for as I did biology.

Sometimes, people like closing the door to their room and being in complete silence as they are studying. Conversely, others enjoy and find it more successful for them to go to Panera or Starbucks to study in the ambiance that it provides. Others even enjoy playing soft music as they study to help them relax. I have found that I personally would rather study in my home when it is quiet and I can fully concentrate. I also find it to be beneficial to give yourself breaks in between studying instead of just going on for hours straight. If you know you have plans for the weekend or are going away for a few days, try to start studying early that way you are not stressed out when the time comes. Additionally, I start studying for exams about a week before the day of the exam regardless just so that I am not cramming a bunch of information into my head last minute, and if any plans do arise, I can feel confident enough that I have been studying the material to take a few hours off. Of course, these tips may not work for everyone because everyone is different.

It is so extremely important to try and find out what works for you as soon as you can. It will make your life in college so much easier to have a set study schedule and good study habits to make your college career less stressful and more successful! Try and do different things and try different methods each time until you settle into something that you find is the best for you.

-Liana, student blogger


One thought on “Good Study Habits for Success!

  1. David Ku says:

    When I was a student, it also took me a while to find my own effective study routine. Eventually, I ended up using a Pomodoro like schedule
    and studied mostly in isolation (or in the library) to ensure minimal distraction when doing mostly math homework.

    With this routine, discipline and also some extra tips and insights from the blog Study Hacks, I slowly got some amazing ann more consistent results.

    I agree that it is important to find out what works for you as soon as you can which is better than later.

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