Volunteering at Events

Volunteering at events throughout your college career is a fantastic way to branch out and make connections with people that can help you out later on when looking for jobs, internships, etc. It is an easy way to get involved with events on campus and become part of CCBC’s student life. Last year, I volunteered for the Blood Drive, HollyDay, Warm Up Wednesday, and the Veteran’s Breakfast. I enjoyed doing all of the events but especially liked HollyDay and the Veteran’s Breakfast, so I would definitely recommend volunteering for those. There are other events that you can volunteer for, though, such as the Native American Gathering and the Commencement ceremony, among others.

I honestly can say that I found volunteering to be a great and rewarding experience. I met many influential people that gave me great advice on college, careers, and life in general. Everyone at the events are so friendly and helpful, which makes the whole experience even better. Also, you are able to meet many of your peers and make some new friends along the way. I got to meet other students that I otherwise would never have met before, and I am still extremely thankful for that. Volunteering also looks great on resumes for jobs and when transferring to other colleges, so it is absolutely something to think about. Honestly, it’s a great opportunity to put yourself out there to meet new people that can help you in the future and to also do something for others on your free time.

-Liana, student blogger


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