Transition from High School to College

Most everyone is nervous about making the transition from college to high school. I was definitely one of those people- I did not know what to expect and I was nervous to see if college life would be a lot harder and different than high school.

I have to say that I think college life is a harder adjustment if one is going away to school to live on their own in a dorm. At CCBC, students get the perfect middle point between high school and going away to college. Students are able to get used to college- you go to college classes with other college students on a college campus. But, you are not thrown into a dorm on your own to figure it all out by yourself. That is why I think CCBC is the perfect place to start, if even for a year.

I was able to adjust myself to a new work and study ethic that you must have while attending college, without the stress of being on my own quite yet. Now as a second year student at CCBC, I feel as though I am ready to responsibly transfer to another college to live on my own.

The transition from high school to college is nothing to worry about; you just have to make sure you have a good work ethic when it comes to homework and studying and that you attend your classes regularly. So, even if you go away to school, the transition will not be as different and hard as you may think. All incoming freshman would be in the same boat as you, and making friends is easy to do!

-Liana, student blogger



2 thoughts on “Transition from High School to College

  1. douglauffer says:

    Liana, your post is brilliant; keep being AWESOME; it is very helpful to me and it will be also for others! ☺

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