What I Do Outside of College

College definitely keeps me busy; however, I do try to give myself a life outside of college. It is hard to manage time. It is important to not overload yourself. Everyone deserves time for relaxing, or doing fun things. Don’t miss out on the things you love to do or the people you love to see because you might regret it later down the road. College is important, but so are you!

First, I have a job. I am currently working for Medic Rescue as a wheelchair van driver. I try to work at least thirty hours a week so that also keeps me busy. I actually enjoy my job because I see different places all day. I also like my job because I get to meet new people and make new friends while I am there.

Next, I have been playing guitar for nine years! I absolutely love music! I wish I had more time to play my guitar. I try to take every chance I can to play it. Playing my guitar helps me to relax. I just truly enjoy playing it. When I do get time to play, I could play for hours and hours. I am thankful for my guitar because when I’m done studying or it’s Christmas break, I can just strum away on my guitar and relieve my mind of college.

Outside of college, I try to find time to exercise at least four times a week. I started out running with my mom. Now, my boyfriend is my new running partner. Running gives me extra energy! It makes me feel amazing. It also allows me to feel accomplished. Running helps me take my mind off of college and is fun for me. Running is just another one of my activities that I do outside of college.

It is hard to find extra time for activities outside of college because college students do need to be focused and they do need a lot of time for studying and doing homework. It is important to do activities outside of college. It allows our minds to be distracted. Activities help us relax, and in general, they are fun for us. So, take some time to do the things that you like over this Christmas break or do them on the weekends enjoy yourself for a moment, and make sure you don’t overload yourself with college.

Emily, student blogger


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