Monthly Archives: January 2016

My favorite app for studying

As a college student, you do a lot of studying. For some of my classes, I like to use Quizlet to help me study. Quizlet is a website and an app. Also, Quizlet is free and you can make a free account by email, Facebook, or your google account. You can use it to help you study by making flashcards and playing games. Flashcard sets that you make are called study sets. You can join classes or even make a class which is quite useful. Also, if you need to make folders to organize your sets then you can. The flashcards can be made into different sizes to your preference. This is great so you can decide how you want to print them. Some people like only a few showing at one time and some people like to see quite a few to study from them.

One of my favorite features is that whenever you study and learn your work, it keeps track of which ones you missed and how many times. It also tells you how many times you’ve gotten them right. Then it places them into categories. Some of the categories are sometimes missed, rarely missed, and never missed. I find this feature very helpful. You can also go back and just practice the sometimes missed if you just want more practice with those ones.

In addition, some more ways to study would include using the learn feature. This feature just helps you to practice and learn from what you are trying to study. There is also speller to help you make sure you are spelling the words correctly. Another great feature is the test feature. There are settings that you can edit to help you decide what kinds of questions you want on your test. Then it grades it for you at the end and you can see what you missed. This way you know what you need to study from.

Jasmine, student ambassador