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What I Do Outside of College

College can take up a lot of time, what with classes, volunteering, clubs and many other activities. Sometimes you just need to get away from it all.

I was lucky enough to be able to help with the Blackhawk High School production of The Phantom of the Opera.  I have had experience in high school musicals before: I was a cast member twice at my first school and participated in the stage crew in two of Blackhawk’s musicals.

The director and stage crew director were kind enough to let me come back and help with painting sets and creating masks for the production. Along with that, I was able to take pictures of a mask making workshop the cast members had. It was fun seeing how all the students put their own creative spin on each of their masks. However, they were not without their problems. Whether it was using the glue gun too much or burying the mask in feathers, many students ran into difficulties that I was happy to help them with.

Along with mask making, I was able to contribute my “artistic abilities” to a massive backdrop depicting a desert scene.  The stage crew director was eager to give me many tasks in painting the backdrop. I helps students add special effects to certain parts, I was able to paint palm trees, and I even got to add in some furry desert creatures.

Helping the cast and crew with such a big production was immensely enjoyable. I was able to contribute my time into making a spectacular show, and I, along with the rest of the directors and students would like for everyone to enjoy the show.

Sydney, student blogger


We’ve all struggled with procrastination some point and all know how anxious it can make you feel. The initial belief that you have ample time to complete your assignment causes you to blow it off in favor of something more entertaining. Then that comfort morphs into a looming sense of dread as you realize that deadline is rapidly approaching and the next thing you know it’s 4 a.m. and you’re desperately trying to finish a 10 page research paper before your first class in the morning.

Honestly, I’m one of the worst offenders in regards to putting off work. I’ve done the same thing my entire high school career and I’ve noticed I procrastinated my entire first semester here, too. But I’m trying to remedy that. To be successful as college students, we need a higher standard of work ethic. And we can’t be subject to the pitfalls of procrastination that hold us back.

The first step in combating procrastination is recognizing our own patterns. Before you can change any dysfunctional behavior about yourself, you first need to understand how that behavior starts. Notice the thought process in your head that leads you to put off work.  Once you know how it starts, you can force yourself to not acknowledge that feeling and stay productive.

Another key component in combating procrastination is strategies to minimize the inevitable feeling of boredom and fatigue that comes with completing a difficult task. There are dozens of strategies out there. The one found that works for me personally is segmenting my time. This means that I break up a large daunting task into smaller, seemingly more achievable ones. For example, when studying for a test, there’s no need to sit and study silently for two hours straight. Instead maybe study for 15 minutes or so then take a break, study for 15 and take a break, etc etc. And before you know it, you’ll have gotten through all of the material.

-Jordan Winston, student blogger

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Balancing college and home life

School, work, homework, family… Sometimes it feels like there is not enough time in the day. Life definitely gets busy especially when you add college to it. However, anyone can handle it! I often find myself overwhelmed with all of my responsibilities, but I always find a way to manage it. Sometimes I feel like I get more done when I’m busy. Anyways, I have a few tricks that I use to keep my schedule on time, and they also help me to stay calm when I am feeling overwhelmed.

First, I try to keep my schedule the same each week that way it is easy to remember what I have to do each day. I have class Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so I try to work only on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. I also have to visit four grandparents, so I give them each a day which is usually Sunday and Tuesday. Then I try to give myself a free day on Sundays because everyone needs time for themselves.

Next, I have chores around the house. I have laundry to do, I have a room to keep clean, I have homework, I have firefighter training, and I also take guitar lessons. Sometimes my schedule gets overwhelming, but I try to stay focused and stick to my schedule. I try my best to avoid procrastinating because once you get behind, it’s hard to get back on track.

Everyone has their own tasks to do, and sometimes family doesn’t understand how busy a college student can be. If you need an extra day to get your school work done, don’t be afraid to tell your family. Sometimes you can just  visit your family for a shorter period of time. Always make your schedule work for you.

Balancing college and home life is a challenge. Sometimes you just need to organize your weeks. Make sure you manage your time wisely, and let your family know what you are going through. Try to keep your weekly schedule the same because it may help you to keep track of your time better. College adds a lot of work to your schedule, but it will be worth it one day!

Emily, student blogger

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Is anyone thinking about transferring to another college after CCBC? I just had to go through this process, and I have to say that I have a few tips that might be helpful after that little adventure.

First and foremost, make sure that you are applying within a reasonable amount of time. Don’t put it off for the last minute, or you might seriously regret it. Most of the applications to colleges, just like CCBC, are simple and straightforward. Make sure that you are applying as a TRANSFER STUDENT! Normally, they ask for high school and college transcripts, so make sure you have those ready.

On, you can request a transcript; all you have to do is fill out where you want it sent to. It is super easy and convenient! When I called my high school in search of my transcripts, they were extremely helpful. They asked me where I wanted them to send it to and said they would take care of it. It is honestly as simple as that! Normally, the application will ask for your SAT and ACT scores. I, like many of you, didn’t know that off the top of my head. I found out that those are actually located on your high school transcripts so you don’t even have to worry about that part.

You can fill out the application all online; you will be asked some fairly simple questions throughout it. At the end, it will normally have you pay an application fee. Ugh, I know. More fees! I promise that this is the only painful part of the application process. You can usually easily pay this fee with a debit or credit card. After that, you’re smooth sailing!

You just have to wait a couple days and normally the letter will come in the mail telling you whether you were accepted or not.

Liana, student blogger

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Fasten Your Seatbelts

I always thought it was a bit redundant for teachers to tell us that the semesters get harder as you continue through your degree. And for my first year here at CCBC, that didn’t apply to me. I was a straight A student in high school, and I maintained that grade average throughout the year. Students around me were complaining that they didn’t have a life, that all they did was study and freak out over exams and papers. That wasn’t me. I worked five days a week and still had to time for my family and friends. But that all went down hill once nursing school started…

Let me tell you, being a nursing major is no joke. You are learning how to take care of people whose lives are in your hands, literally. And that’s scary. Not to mention ALL of the information you need to learn.

First semester was hard but it wasn’t unbearable. I still had a little time for a life (granted it wasn’t as much as before) and I had to study more than I ever had before. But I did well, and finished out the semester with a B.

But now is the notorious second semester. The semester that makes people cry, have breakdowns, and weeds out the weak. Although I am nervous (as I feel we all should be), I have faith that this semester will make us realize just how much effort is needed to be successful. It might take us a while, and we may fall down along the way but I know we will rise to the occasion by the end.

But for right now, fasten your seat belts my fellow nursing students because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Samantha, student blogger

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