Fasten Your Seatbelts

I always thought it was a bit redundant for teachers to tell us that the semesters get harder as you continue through your degree. And for my first year here at CCBC, that didn’t apply to me. I was a straight A student in high school, and I maintained that grade average throughout the year. Students around me were complaining that they didn’t have a life, that all they did was study and freak out over exams and papers. That wasn’t me. I worked five days a week and still had to time for my family and friends. But that all went down hill once nursing school started…

Let me tell you, being a nursing major is no joke. You are learning how to take care of people whose lives are in your hands, literally. And that’s scary. Not to mention ALL of the information you need to learn.

First semester was hard but it wasn’t unbearable. I still had a little time for a life (granted it wasn’t as much as before) and I had to study more than I ever had before. But I did well, and finished out the semester with a B.

But now is the notorious second semester. The semester that makes people cry, have breakdowns, and weeds out the weak. Although I am nervous (as I feel we all should be), I have faith that this semester will make us realize just how much effort is needed to be successful. It might take us a while, and we may fall down along the way but I know we will rise to the occasion by the end.

But for right now, fasten your seat belts my fellow nursing students because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Samantha, student blogger

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