What I Do Outside of College

College can take up a lot of time, what with classes, volunteering, clubs and many other activities. Sometimes you just need to get away from it all.

I was lucky enough to be able to help with the Blackhawk High School production of The Phantom of the Opera.  I have had experience in high school musicals before: I was a cast member twice at my first school and participated in the stage crew in two of Blackhawk’s musicals.

The director and stage crew director were kind enough to let me come back and help with painting sets and creating masks for the production. Along with that, I was able to take pictures of a mask making workshop the cast members had. It was fun seeing how all the students put their own creative spin on each of their masks. However, they were not without their problems. Whether it was using the glue gun too much or burying the mask in feathers, many students ran into difficulties that I was happy to help them with.

Along with mask making, I was able to contribute my “artistic abilities” to a massive backdrop depicting a desert scene.  The stage crew director was eager to give me many tasks in painting the backdrop. I helps students add special effects to certain parts, I was able to paint palm trees, and I even got to add in some furry desert creatures.

Helping the cast and crew with such a big production was immensely enjoyable. I was able to contribute my time into making a spectacular show, and I, along with the rest of the directors and students would like for everyone to enjoy the show.

Sydney, student blogger


One thought on “What I Do Outside of College

  1. douglauffer says:

    Sydney, this is so interesting, I mean, what you have been able to do outside of CCBC is really tremendous! Keep Being Awesome, Sydney! ☺

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