Community College Lifestyle vs. State College Lifestyle

As a freshman in college, I was very hesitant about attending a community college when all of my friends went away and got to experience the “college life.” They were able to meet new people from all around the country, try new experiences, get the “stay on campus” experience, and know what it is like to be away from home. I was very jealous of my friends that they got to go to Penn State, Slippery Rock, or even NYU. I thought that I was missing out, but through the first semester I have had here at CCBC, I realized that MY College is much more intriguing and amazing than I thought.

Here at CCBC, they do have a lot of benefits that I have come to realize. The first thing that I have learned from the first day at CCBC is that people are from all over the place. One of my classmates was from Texas coming to CCBC for the amazing pilot program they offer. It was truly astonishing to hear is stories and experience the culture he brought to our small town. Another thing that I have learned is that CCBC offers many campus activities that brings the small town together. My favorite event so far was the Native American Gathering. It was so unique to have such a vibrant culture be celebrated right where I’m from, and let’s be honest, the food was AMAZING!

Now the one thing I was worried about the most is that I wasn’t able to leave home, but the more I stay here, the more I realize that I love it. I get to sleep in my own bed, I get home cooked meals daily, I have constant support by my family, and I don’t have to pay rent. It truly is a blessing. Speaking of money, CCBC is such an affordable school that in the end, I am going to barely have any loans to pay off and all of my friends, that I was once jealous of, are going to be strapped down in debt.

I think people don’t thoroughly see the outstanding qualities that CCBC gives. People really need to see that even though we may be small, we are a strong unit that experiences new cultures in our own way, live for rent free, get the support we need, and end up in very little debt. I am so proud of the decision I made to attend CCBC and you should be proud of the decisions that led you here too.

Jacqueline, student blogger

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