In high school, emailing never seemed that important to me. Frankly, I never really had to send any important messages and I never received them. My email just seemed like something that I needed to have set up so I could make social media accounts. And on the rare occasions I did send an email, it was almost always unprofessional,sloppy, and full of spelling errors.

But we aren’t in high school anymore. To be successful in a college environment, knowing how to properly contact your peers and teachers through email is important. It may not seem like it, but email is the formal type of electronic communication and as such, composing a proper email is vastly important.

When starting an email always include a simple subject in the available space. Don’t overcomplicate it, it should be short and give the recipient a general idea of what the message is about.

Once you ready to compose the actual body of the message, start off by greeting the recipient. Always refer to them by the most professional title you can and never call them by first name unless specifically asked to. After your greeting, end with a comma and press enter twice to begin composing your message. Try and keep you content here as brief as possible within the means of respectfulness. A lengthy email confuses the information you’re trying to get across.

Once you’re completed, end with a departing remark, add a comma, press enter twice, and leave your full name.

I hope this was somewhat helpful. I’ve included an example below.

Subject: This is an example

Hello Dr. Not Real Person,

I just needed to briefly speak with you about a matter that is completely irrelevant.

What would be the best time to meet with you?


Also Not a Real Person


-Jordan Winston, student blogger

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