What I Liked About Being a Student Ambassador

I left high school around 2:20. It was a sunny and warm April day. When I got home, I noticed that I received mail from CCBC. I opened it to find a scholarship! I was so excited because I never even expected to receive any type of scholarship. I then learned that I would have to become a student ambassador because of the scholarship. That just meant that I would have to volunteer a total of 60 hours to keep my 2 year scholarship. After I learned that I received the scholarship, I knew that my experience at CCBC was going to be great!

I have loved being a student ambassador. First, we had an orientation, so I got to make new friends a month before school actually started. I also got to take a tour of the school at our orientation which was nice because it prepared me for the orientation of the entire freshman class. I also enjoyed volunteering at events because I was able to meet up with the other ambassadors and talk to them. Also, volunteering at different events allowed me to see some of the other programs that CCBC has to offer! Then, I also got to work with some of the CCBC staff. Working with the staff was great; in fact, they were always very helpful and friendly. I know that if I ever needed help, I could go to any of them. Over all, being a student ambassador was an amazing experience, and I am so thankful I was given the opportunity.

-Emily, student blogger

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