Are online classes for you?

I have taken several online classes here at CCBC. I honestly really think that online classes are convenient, especially when working outside of school. Some of my friends don’t like online classes that much; they would rather be on campus in and actual classroom. It is really personal preference whether you like online classes or on campus classes better.

This semester, I’m taking two classes on campus and three online. With online classes, it is vital to make sure that you are keeping track of all the work that you have to do. You really want to check Blackboard regularly to see if your teachers have posted any updates or other assignments that you may have originally missed. I try to make a schedule of the week each Monday with all the assignments I have to do for each class and cross them off as I finish them. I find this to be super beneficial because I keep track of what I have done and what I still have left to do.

The only issue I have had with online classes is when taking exams, my internet sometimes kicks me off. When this happens, you are completely exited from the exam and can’t get back on to finish it. Basically, it submits it. After this happened to me two times, I decided to go on campus to the computer lab and take my exams there. I found this to be so much better- I never got kicked off when taking a test. So, if that ever happens to you when taking an online exam, then just try moving to the computer lab on campus.

You might just try taking an online class and seeing how you feel about it…who knows, you may just really like it!

-Liana, student blogger

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