Keeping the “Freshman 15” Off

I always told myself that I would not let the freshman fifteen happen to me. I scoffed at the people who had a hard time staying the same size out of high school. Then, I actually started college, and every thought about staying healthy flew out the window.

Taking around five classes a semester, working almost full time, and trying to maintain a social life wrecked havoc on my diet. It was quick snacks at the cafe, fast food on my way to work from class, and going out to eat with my friends and family. My fridge had water and some milk for cereal. My cupboards had nothing but chips and some bread. The freshman fifteen was hot on my heels and I could feel every pound. I felt so out of shape, getting out of breath just walking around on campus in between my classes.

It was how I felt so physically unfit that finally caused me to take action and fight the freshman fifteen. I was tired of feeling this way and decided that I needed to make some serious changes with my activity and diet.

I started with packing my lunch for school and work. Anything you bring from home can be a whole lot better for you than greasy food from a drive thru. I still have chips and candy but I also try to balance with some healthier options like wheat bread and fruit. I make a lot of meals at home and take leftovers for lunch.

As for the exercise, I just started taking it one day at a time. My fiancé got me a Fitbit for Christmas and I love it. It really motivates me to keep moving throughout my day. I started out small, only attempting to hit 5000 steps a day and before long I was hitting my goal half way through the day. So I bumped it up, and now I’m getting at least 10000 steps a day. I also started going to the gym at least one day a week after school.

These changes may not help everyone but they definitely have been helping me be a healthier version of myself. At the very least, it’s helped me walk up the hill from the Health Building to the parking lot without feeling like I’m going to die.

-Samantha, student blogger

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