Box Breathing

Aside from the actual difficulty of completing homework and studying one of the most challenging things a student can face is stress. Stress eats away at us and ultimately leaves us anxious, distraught, and in no shape to work properly. It takes on a lot of different forms for many people. Some react to stressors mildly while others (like me) may react in more noticeable ways like hyperventilation. Regardless of its level of severity, we all feel the effects stressors from time to time, so I thought maybe I could share a method I find very useful for keeping my anxiety under control. It’s called box breathing.

Box breathing is a meditative  breathing pattern used by some therapists to help aid patients with anxiety issues.When under stress the body often experiences a flood of adrenaline into its system. As a result your breathing becomes harsh and shallow which makes it difficult to function normally. Box breathing attempts to minimize this reaction by combining deep breathing with a simple four count.

The actual technique goes as follows, picture square and move along the sides of it inhaling and exhaling for counts of four; one breath on each side.

I’ll attach a diagram below.

Hope some of you find this helpful.

-Jordan Winston


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