During your senior year of high school, you probably heard the term “senioritis”. It is a term used for the seniors that get this condition; the condition that makes you almost give up in the sense. You don’t want to do any more homework, study, or even go to school because you know the end near.

I personally got this condition in high school and I am convinced that I kept the condition going into college as well. Everyday that I have class it is a constant battle of making myself actually go. I wake up and think to myself, “will this class really matter?” “will that paper really make a change on my grade?”or “maybe they will accept it late?” The battle usually ends with me getting up and doing my work, but it is only getting worse as the semester is coming to an end.

So, I am here to remind you, and myself, that you have to keep going on. No matter how badly you want to give up and forget about your work, you have to keep studying because FINALS are just around the corner.

You may think to yourself that these last few weeks won’t affect your grade “that much,” but if you get a bad grade on only one test, it can change the result of your entire grade. Nobody wants this, so keep on pushing through the next few weeks because it may drag on, but you will definitely regret it if you give up now.

End the semester stronger than you started it; make your time count!

-Jacqueline, student blogger


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