After two years at CCBC, I have learned a lot about how to look for scholarships and apply for them. It is vitally important that you look into different scholarships if you are transferring to a four-year institution. These scholarships will potentially minimize the debt that you will have to pay off after you graduate. So why not fill out as many scholarship applications as you possibly can?

The first thing that I would do as a student looking for transfer scholarships is to join CCBC’s branch of Phi Thetta Kappa. This will open endless doors of scholarship opportunities for you that will drastically reduce the burden of tuition at your transfer institution. For example, I got a scholarship after being chosen for the All PA Academic Team (through PTK) that awarded me full tuition to my future four year college. That is only one of the many scholarships opportunities that will be available to you through PTK. Some of the applications take a while to fill out, but it is worth it a million times over to have as little debt as possible after you graduate.

Next, I would look into your transfer institution and see what kind of scholarships they offer transfer students. If you have any questions or cannot find any scholarship applications, I would immediately e-mail the admissions office and ask them. It is much better to do this sooner rather than later so you do not miss the deadline.

Lastly, there are many websites online to help you look for scholarships such as,,, and Always look into as many as you can to have more of a chance of receiving a scholarship (maybe even more than one!).

Liana, student blogger 


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