A Helping Hand

Everyone experiences college and class work differently.  Some people have children to care for, full-time jobs, and other events scheduled before and after class.  A busy schedule everyday means a whole lot of stress and anxiety.  Especially those days when the babysitter may end up cancelling or you just had to work the night shift with an 8:00 A.M. class the following day.  Instead of feeling alone in all the crazy life events, reach out to faculty members.

I have personally never experienced nor witnessed such an environment with such caring and understanding faculty members as I have at CCBC.  Professors will provide their own personal phone number and welcome any call.  Particularly in the Nursing facility, professors encourage you to call when you are having trouble with the course material or simply overwhelmed before a test.

Not only is the faculty more than willing to help with the struggles of course material, but also those days when nothing seems to go right.  If someone’s child ends up getting sick, the babysitter had to cancel, or something happened at work, the faculty will not only understand, but will work with you to fix the problem!  Most people feel like a bother or are afraid to ask for a helping hand, but that’s what all the faculty members are there for: to be that helping hand.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, no matter how small or big the problem may be.  The faculty members are there to help better your educational experience that best fits your lifestyle.

-Emma, student blogger


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