Transitioning to College

Some students have started college directly after high school, or others took some time off for personal reasons and have now decided to expand their education further.  In either case, everyone experiences a transition because of the new role as a student.

Students straight out of high school, with consecutive years of the same school routine, now take on a new curriculum system every semester, depending on the professor.  High school teachers would remind those who were absent of their work, now it is the student’s responsibility to get the information from the professor and stay on track with the class.  Students may struggle with a concept, and before the teacher would come up to the student in school and ask if extra help is needed.  Now, college professors are always more than happy to help, but it is the student’s responsibility to start that process to obtain help.

Remember when classes would be forty-five minutes long and students always dreaded those double periods in class?  Well, college classes now normally last as long as those double periods in high school. However, some, depending on your major, may last much longer.  It takes some time to transition to this change, but professors are very understanding and give five minute breaks to help ease that new time frame into routine.

People deciding to go back to school after some time off also experience the transition, including time management and the flashbacks to homework assignments.  Between the time in class and the time studying, a whole new routine is established in a household, that may take some time to critique, but don’t give up.  It may seem nearly impossible, but yourself and your family will benefit from your decision to keep going in so many unbelievable ways.  Now, with time management, includes the time to do homework assignments.  Transitioning to the college mind set may take some time, but it will be worth it to follow through with your goal.

-Emma, student blogger


One thought on “Transitioning to College

  1. douglauffer says:

    Emma French, this is a great post and very clearly explains how diverse a student population is ät college. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts! 🙂

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