Taking a Break

Everyone has gotten overwhelmed by something in life, whether it be children, work, school, the future, the past, or even if it was just overthinking things before falling asleep. College students especially tend to be overwhelmed with the workload, studying, and the dreaded test days. On top of school work, some people have a family to take care of, a full-time or part-time job that starts before or after class, and daily struggles that no one may ever know about. Sometimes it may feel impossible to ever accomplish that goal of graduating, or even making it through the day. It may seem like you don’t even have time to eat or take care of yourself.

STOP. Stop thinking that way. The best thing you can do for yourself is to take care of yourself and to allow yourself to take a break. Yes, there may be that big exam tomorrow and you may have three more chapters to study, along with laundry, work, and picking up the kids from school. However, what good is it going to do to sit there for ten minutes just rambling off the things you need to get done and how impossible it is? Instead, put down the book, the phone or shut off the television. Get out of the chair and move around, go outside for those 10 minutes, listen to music for a few minutes, and just let yourself calm down.  Your brain can only take so much at once, it is best to give yourself frequent little breaks, like five to ten minutes long. You are capable of completing that assignment, but you have to allow yourself to take a break.

It may seem like the last thing you want to hear or even do, but take a break and let yourself relax. You got so much more done that what you think you do. You know more than you think, just trust yourself. Take those little breaks every now and then, and maybe everything won’t seem so impossible.

-Emma, student blogger


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