Look At Her Now

Earlier today, I scrolled through my news feed as I do every now and then during moments of boredom. However, this time, the name of my old high school caught my eye. How could anybody scroll past a news article about their good old high school? I tapped it open, and found myself pretty happy, and a little touched, by the news.

The Times Online article written by Marsha Keefer (See link below) described a girl I remember seeing myself from my time in Hopewell not too long ago. Alana is an extremely sweet, bright girl that has Down syndrome. The article goes into great detail about Alana and her school life, but also displayed a strong message: everybody deserves happiness, and even the harshest of expectations can be surpassed. Unfortunately, Alana was given such an unfair expectation before she even had a chance to hear it in person.

Keefer’s interview with Alana’s mother revealed a heartbreakingly unfair prognosis: “Expect her to be limp like a rag doll and behind the eight ball”. Such an unfair assumption against someone who isn’t even born yet to defend herself. However, as the article highlights, Alana has been proving the doctor’s words wrong at every single step of the way. Alana is anything but “limp” and is certainly not “behind the eight ball”. In fact, from what I’ve seen, she is full of energy and ready to take the world by storm.

I truly wish that doctor would take a look at her now, and re-evaluate his original diagnosis. As Alana enjoys her countless friendships, volunteers at a daycare (which she loves to do), and walks down the auditorium with the few other students elected to the homecoming court, I just want to tell that doctor one simple thing: look at her now.

The article is touching, and definitely worth a read: http://www.timesonline.com/community/news/born-with-down-syndrome-hopewell-township-girl-surpasses-expectations/article_1ca95c56-8b37-11e6-b1d3-f386ec2359ed.html


– Zackary, student blogger


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