Study Tips

Students anywhere, whether it be high school or college, tend to become overwhelmed the week of an exam. There will be students, as I have been guilty myself, studying for hours upon hours. Once those hours are over, students will still feel anxious and unprepared for the exam. Some may become so overwhelmed, they cry, as I have been guilty of that also.

BREATHE. As I have said before in another one of my blogs, take short ten to fifteen minute breaks. Hours of studying does not do you any good, especially once your brain feels like mush for the rest of the day. Cramming all the information into your head the night before a test does not benefit you in any way, especially when you try to take an exam on two hours of sleep. Professors always stress the need to study periodically and keep up with the material because they have all most likely experienced the night-before cramming and the excessive hours of studying. Even with the frequent study sessions after class, some of us may feel the need to cram the night before because it feels like we did nothing to prepare for the test.

Meanwhile, you did the best thing for yourself and spaced out the study sessions. This is when you have to trust yourself and your knowledge, as you resist that overwhelming feeling of unpreparedness. You are prepared and you know the material, a whole lot more than you think you do. Go through the notes as a review, talk with the professor, ask any last minute questions the day before the exam, and just focus on the areas that you are still unsure on. Listen to the professors, when they say keep up with the material, it is best to keep up with the material, it helps you avoid so much stress.

Review the notes the day before the test, go through the flashcards, or just talk about it with your friends. You know the material, do not second guess yourself on the test. Believe in yourself and all the time you took to learn the material, you will do great.

-Emma, student blogger


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