Web Programming Apps

Writing what appears to be a bunch of nonsense, and watching it turn into a website or program, is something that has amazed me ever since I discovered what it was. While the professors are fantastic; this major requires quite a bit of outside reading, learning, and practice.

There are a couple of apps and platforms that I use to help me learn more. One of these is Encode, an app that teaches you the basics of JavaScript through interactive exercises and lessons. You can participate in challenges with other people to test yourself, and submit sample code for others to rate and offer tips.

Another app I use is called SoloLearn, and all of their apps are available on both iPhone and Android. You can also access it through their website. This app has many more options for programming languages, although you can download separate apps for each language if you wish. There are many quizzes to test your knowledge, and you can also bypass sections that you already know.

CodeCademy is a web-based learning platform that I have used for years. It’s very good for learning the basics of building websites, but it offers a lot more than just website building lessons. It’s extremely interactive, and you can’t move on to the next lesson until you follow the instructions for code you have to write.

In my opinion, actually doing things is the best way to learn them. Just sitting in a classroom or reading a textbook isn’t going to do as much for me. The tools above have helped me gain a better understanding of things that have been shown in class, as well as things outside that help me to enhance my projects and learning experience.

-Rachel, student blogger


One thought on “Web Programming Apps

  1. I have tried using web programming apps to learn basics of Android app development. These apps really help to understand how to use JavaScript.

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