Balancing School and Work

So,  let’s talk about something that I still struggle a little bit with: Balancing School and Work. I don’t know why, but I seem to have a small issue with trying to balance the two of them.

On one hand, school is going to get me to a better place in the long run, but on the other hand, work gets me money now that I can surely use. I know one thing: you definitely don’t want to overwhelm yourself.

When I first started working, I was in the middle of my first semester so my work schedule had to revolve around my school schedule automatically. Now, of course, when it came time for my second semester scheduling, I made work revolve around that as well. Thankfully, school didn’t interfere with work scheduling at all so I got to work just like normal, but that was only nice for a while. Towards the end of the semester when I had to start cracking down in prep for finals, I started to realize how much time was taken up from work. I would get home from work and just not want to do anything as it was usually 10 at night and I’d be tired. The next day, I’d find an excuse to not work on anything for school and as a result, my grades started to falter. I finally took the initiative and asked for another day off every week for school. I was able to get my grades back up so it was a definitely good decision.

This semester, which is my third, I put work on a sort of back burner. I work 4 days a week, leaving me with 3 days to deal with school work. This is a decent amount of time I’d say, since it isn’t messing up my grades any at all. It’s even given me more free time as I’ve found that I’m a little more motivated to get work done sooner rather than later. It also helps that I’m still making a decent amount of money, too!

-Caleb, Student Scholar


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