Winter Break Review

Now that the semester has ended, we can finally look forward to our winter break. One month free of classes and exams. A time to spend with family and friends and just take a break from the constant studying and to just be able to enjoy the season. This is definitely one of my favorite times of the school year.  Although the break should be filled with fun and time away from school, you should still set aside some time to review and go over your curriculum to stay in the swing of things. This is a problem a lot of students have that I myself have had in the past. Once I get away from school, my mindset stays with the break and I no longer want come and apply myself to the curriculum. So, over the years, I have learned a few tricks to keep myself prepared for school over the break.

The tricks that I have learned are:

  • You want to make sure that you continue to go over the material that you have learned in the past. This will help you continue your study habits and reinforce the material so it stays in your long term memory rather than just memorizing it for the test.
  • You want to start going over the new material that you will be learning in your next semester. I start to do this about two weeks before the class starts. This allows me to get a grasp of what I will be learning in the upcoming weeks and make the transition run smoother.
  • You want to set aside a day and time each week to maintain your study schedule. This way when the semester does start back up again, it won’t be so difficult to set aside studying time because you have already been doing so.

After several years, these are the few tricks that I have learned that truly help me stay in the swing of studying and applying myself in school. This helps enhance your brain and keeps you on a schedule so when you do go back to school it won’t be so difficult.

-Jacqueline, Student Scholar


One thought on “Winter Break Review

  1. douglauffer says:

    Jacqueline, your insight is really wise; thank you for writing this article, excellent! 🙂

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