Balancing College and Home Life

This goes hand-in-hand with balancing college and work really. Balancing your college and home life can be just as important for all students. You need to find that happy medium when it comes to how much time you should spend on school every night. There’s that one thing that talks about how you should spend so many hours on schoolwork a week.

I remember when I first started college that stressed me out because I thought I’d need to do that. Of course, now that my third semester is about to end, I’ve come to realize that you likely won’t need to dedicate that much time to school.

I’m one of those people who takes breaks from my free time to study or do work. I cannot force myself to study continuously at a base and then take breaks of free time. I lose attention so fast when I’m studying that I have to break up studying into smaller chunks. I can’t say I’ll read a whole chapter in one night because for one, I’d probably freak out and not do it, and two, I’d lose attention even faster.

But for everyone who always frets about how much they should study, it really just depends on what you can handle. Like I said, I lose attention really fast, so someone could have a longer attention span and be able to study more over a period of time. Some people may have to break up the studying like I do. On the other side of things, if you feel like you’re not doing enough, there’s always tutors that can help you with that sort of stuff. CCBC has tutoring available to help you.

-Caleb, Student Scholar


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