Let’s talk about everyone’s favorite thing to do, study! This is similar to what I was talking about before in terms of balancing home and school but more in depth on studying, of course!

Some people try prepping for tests by studying a lot, some study a little bit, and some don’t study at all. It really depends on how good your memory is and how good of a test taker you are. I’d say I’m in a sort of “happy” medium with studying. I study how I feel I need to, but whether or not it’s enough is up to the test scores. I usually have to break up my studying into small manageable chunks if I have to read a book as I can’t sit and read something all the way through. My attention span is really short, so breaking things up makes it easier and it motivates me more.

Keep in mind that there is such a thing as over studying. You can burn yourself out just by studying for a test if you study practically nonstop. It always helps to know how to study for the course as well. If you have higher motivation then you can study for longer but if you’re not as motivated, studying can be more so harmful than helpful. I think it’s safe to say that if you start studying for something in advance, it should alleviate some of the time spent on studying every night significantly.

-Caleb, Student Scholar


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