One More Semester

I can’t believe that I really only have one more left. My first and second semester dragged on but this semester literally flew by like nothing! I remember when I first rode the bus up to CCBC on my first day of class and I was so nervous. I could’ve practically died but after my class was over, I was perfectly fine. I’m excited to go out and get a job with my degree after my last semester, but I’m also really scared at the same time.

I hope I’ll be able to do well in the job I get, if I can get a job. It’s nice that I get to go through my degree with the same people that I’ve been with since the beginning of my first semester. It’s gotten to the point that I practically know everyone who is in the Cybersecurity and Networking majors. I’ve made friends that made classes easier and I’ll keep those friends for as long as possible!

I’m eager to see what this next semester has in store for me. I only have 4 classes to take this time around but that can still be tasking, especially with me working like I do. I’ll have to take this last semester slow and steady so I don’t mess everything up and waste my time! It’ll be a great experience and while this break can certainly be as slow as possible, I anticipate the best for next semester.

Caleb, Student Scholar


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