Entering the Next Semester

As break comes to a bitter-sweet ending, classes are starting back up with more challenges and work to be done. Most people dread the beginning of a new semester, but the most positive way to look at it is that you are one step closer to your dream.

You made it through last semester, even with struggles along the way and moments of doubt. Last semester made you stronger and more prepared for this semester, even if it does not feel like it. There will always be challenges, but with them, you continue to learn and grow. Some people may have set New Year’s resolutions to get better grades or to concentrate more on school work. This is the time to put that list to work and follow through with your goals. Life may get in the way, but keep going. You owe it to yourself to fulfill your goals and take this step towards your dream.

I hope other students will go into this semester with positivity and confidence to do great things and work hard. Some of us have learned the line between hard-working and over-working from last semester. I hope the experiences and lessons only improve the current semester. Give yourself breaks and time to focus on yourself. Concentrate on your weaknesses and acknowledge your strengths. You finished last semester, that may have seemed almost impossible at the beginning. You can go into this semester confident and finish it knowing you just took another huge step in your life.

-Emma, Student Scholar


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