Is College Better Than High School?

Everyone always talks about the differences between college and the high school they attended. Since there are so many different high schools and so many different backgrounds, I thought I’d share my take on it before the beginning of the second semester.

A lot of people think college is harder than high school. In some aspects, it is, but when you get down to it, the work is actually easier. Why? For me, I’m no longer taking any “useless” classes, ones that I don’t care about, and will never benefit me in the future. Now I’m taking classes that pique my interest and relate to my career. I’m more involved in class, and much more motivated to complete the work and do well. Not only am I interested in what’s being taught, but I also know that it will help me out sooner rather than later, when I first start looking for a job in my chosen career path. Having different classes every day, and only having the same class once or twice a week definitely makes me more motivated too. It shuffles up my schedule a bit, and makes things less drab and boring. Doing different things every day keeps me on my toes.

In terms of grades, I feel that grading was harsher in high school than it is in college. I get less work in college than I did in grade school, which for some may be a negative, since your final grade is the average of everything you turn in. But for me, it required less effort to perform at the same level as high school. College also introduces “pass/fail” classes, where as the name implies, you either pass or fail. In high school, we didn’t have those, and so every class required a lot of effort to get an A.

College has a lot more activities and events than my high school did, too, which leaves plenty of room to get involved and meet new people. High school had the same boring events every month, whereas CCBC has different events every week. Announcements get sent straight to your email, so you never miss out. We didn’t have that in high school. Activities and events are managed much better in the college setting.

Overall, I would definitely say that college is better than high school. It’s organized better, and the classes are more suited for you specifically (as they should be!).


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