Everyone has hobbies; something we do for fun over and over again. One of my hobbies is playing video games. Video games, for me, are pretty much what keep me happy. I play games every day, no matter how busy I am. I always make time for it because I need time to relax and calm down.

With video games, I just focus on the game and nothing else. There’s always something that can be achieved from video games from anyone. It could be from beating the whole game, or literally getting an achievement from the game. Video games make you feel successful and accomplished when life doesn’t.

There are video games for every type of person too! No one is left out in terms of video games. They have games where you exercise, dance, play sports, etc. It’s crazy to think that video games were only for certain people back then and now everyone plays them; whether or not it’s on an Xbox or Playstation or on your phone!

Video games bring people together and help make friends. Pretty much all of my friends play video games and I usually play with them. It gives me things to talk about with people and they can be even better when playing with others. They can evoke a wide array of emotions depending on what type of game it is. There have been games that are so cinematic that it can feel like you’re actually watching a movie! There’s so much that I owe to video games, whether it is through calming me down or just passing time. One thing’s for sure, I’ll be playing games for a long time!

-Caleb, Student Scholar


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