Choosing to Go to a Community College

Deciding to go to CCBC was the greatest decision I could have made as a high schooler because it gave me many opportunities. Because of how hard I worked on my grades in high school, I was lucky enough to get two free years at CCBC. This was not my reasoning for choosing CCBC. A lot of college students that go away for college are broke, eat unhealthy, gain weight, and don’t spend time with family. I did not want to be like that, so I chose to go to a community college. This gave me the opportunity to continue working while I went to school. I was able to make good grades, pay my bills, and have fun.

Many of my friends that went away to college complain about how they don’t eat good food, so they are gaining weight. I still get to eat great meals that my mother cooks though.

The cost of tuition at CCBC is significantly cheaper than a state college. Plus, there are smaller classes with less students. This means that students get more one on one time if they need it. This is a really big advantage because I was able to get the help that I needed really quick.

Community college is also a great choice because you do not have to pay for a dorm, you get to live with your parents still or live on your own without a roommate. I always thought that it would be weird to be put into a room with someone I never met and have to tolerate living with them. I would rather be able to live by myself or with my parents, while still having the opportunity to make friends at college. In the long run, Community College is a great place to start because you get the college experience while saving money, then you are prepared for when you need to transfer to another college.

-Shianna, Student Scholar


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