Video Class project

Last semester in my video class we got to do our first real client project for the Monaca Hall of Fame Committee.  First, we met with one of the Committee members Marlene and we discussed that the class was going to redo the Monaca Hall of Fame video/DVD.  During the meeting we also talked about how the symbol of Monacatootha was inaccurate- he wears one feather instead of a headdress which we later incorporated in the project.   After that, everybody in the class got assigned a different task that they wanted to do for the project. Some tasks were logo design, DVD menu and sleeve, and music and B-roll footage collector.

The main objective of the Hall of Fame is to recognize former or present citizens of Monaca for their contributions to the community. This year James Vincent Moore, Julia R. Swink, Michael and Laura Rubio and Nancy Woods got inducted into the Hall of Fame. Also, every nominee who is inducted both past and present have a plaque at the Hall of Fame.

Then the next week in class we started to film at various locations around Monaca like the post office, cable crossings, and Hall of Fame building.

On the night of October 23, 2016 we had to be there at 5:30 to set the camera and tripod up.  Two people in the class Michael and Jesse worked the camera.  Another couple of people Sydney and Vanessa operated the GoPro camera as the nominees walked up to their seats and our professor helped to record the audio.


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